.[FANACCOUNT] 100613 JYJ Thanksgiving Live at Tokyo Dome Day 2 Part 5

Credits: TVXQBaidu + Wenjun企鹅
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights

COLORS~ Melody and Harmony
When they were singing this song... I was also singing along... loudly

I didn't care whether there were people staring at me... I just wanna sing out LOUD...

When reaching the lalalalala part- - my voice already became hoarse.....
Even my voice became hoarse I still wanna sing!!!!!! If couldn't sing then just SHOUT!

One of them asked that in the middle of the song...
'Everyone still can remember this song?'

I shouted until my lungs were going to burst- -

'This time everyone know how to sing?'
I can feel my lungs reached my throat- -

'Then let us sing together~ 1 2~ lalalalalalalala~~~'

第一次聽到Melody and Harmony是現場錄音的音頻

當時 即便沒有畫面 大家一起唱出的旋律聽來依舊感人



幸福的氛圍就在腦海裡 在心裡

眾多幸福的容顏 大家舉著手 揮著 哼唱著





嘴角 悄然而上

I suppose my lungs had exploded at that time.Please forgive me, my eyes all fixed on him.

Seeing him looking at us... His expression... as if recalling some memories, as if enjoying the moment... with the smile on his face... staring at us...

This time the chorus part was long... and kept on repeating...

Repeated again and again

At the risk of losing my lungs... I still forcing my voice out... LALALALALALALALALALALA.....



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