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首先,我不知道trans是什麼意思 所以我在想這是不是中飯的感想然後有人翻譯這樣……不清楚>””<

這後記寫了很多 然後 很好笑

英文 挑一些想講的

[FANACCOUNT] 100613 JYJ Thanksgiving Live at Tokyo Dome Day 2 Part 2

Everyone knows about Micky's solo right...
He said that recently he wants to have girlfriend...

I think I can remember this vividly for the rest of my life.
My terrible miserable mourning... even the lady sat beside me had to pat my head and said... That's alright... Don't be too sad....

But... That was the moment when I shed my tears the most during the entire performance -- (Omg...)Everyone can despise me for that~~~~~~~~~~

(I am) going to tell everyone in detail about this heartbreaking moment.




剛剛發現了視頻= =+



'The one who is wearing dress ^with white cotton jacket^ at the front row~'
After saying that, this gentleman just walked away, to the main stage, as if the emperor after selecting his concubine...

as if the emperor after selecting his concubine……哈哈哈哈!!!好像阿!!!!!

後宮三千佳麗…不不N萬任你選 哈哈哈哈哈!!!台下的女人當然是前仆後繼的「我我我我我我我」

The staff invited that little girl, and led her to the stage.
That gentleman was walking on stage, and that little girl was walking down there... they walked equally fast... only one was up there and the other one was down...

Walking till the stairs
He walked in front of that little girl

'This way please~'
He brought her to the stage...

'What's your name?'
'My name is XX Miki'
'Enn... miki'
'I am also Micky'
'Today is double miki??'


Everyone on the spot going 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~'

'Where do you come from?'
'Gunma Prefecture'
'Whoa! That's far, you come here from that far?...'

At this moment... heartbroken, I shouted with all my strength   I am from China!!!!!! China!!!!!!! CHINA!!!!!!!!!! CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CHINAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans beside me were shocked... asked me... really from China? I nodded my head...
And once again turn to the main stage and shouted.... I AM FROM CHINNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'En... Then how old are you?'
(Maybe there are people who don't know yet... the girlfriends chosen in the 1st 3 performances, there were 2 girls in 15 years old... and the other one was a 16 years old girl, well what will be the answer for today's female lead?~~~)


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~ the entire dome...
'See? My sense is still quite accurate, isn't it..~'
Then he made a face, which was quite annoying to me (>.<)--



不過當然是小妹妹調戲起來比較好玩 哈哈哈

'In that case... I am so sorry'
And started to sing 'that' song to his girlfriend...

holding her little hand, leading her to the sofa, letting her sat on the sofa and then walked to her back... hugged her while singing.

Turn in front the sofa, tidied up his clothes... sat down together with her...
Put his hand on her shoulders... sang for her...

(At that moment... I was shrieking miserably.... shouting... completely out of control.....)

(He) hold her hand again... walked to the wooden chair... let her sit down...
'Please wait for me for a second~'

(I wanted to die at that moment - -)

After a while... as expected... holding a bouquet in his hand, and gave it to her...
Pulled her up... hugged her...

I totally had no idea how did the girl go down stage after that...
Because at that moment I really thought that I was dead - -
Not sure whether I was falling forward, or backward when I lost my consciousness...


哈哈 第一次看得哈哈大笑 第二次唸給老妹聽現在才能心平氣和的再看一次

尤其是在I'm from China那段好好笑喔哈哈哈哈然後I wanted to die也是完全可以理解阿!

最後竟然還lost consciousness wow~~只能說這打擊太大了吧



I'm jealous that girl =皿=

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